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Our House


Some information on our new home


Sometime in early September we decided it was time to get a house.  We figured, almost logically, that it'd be a lot easier to have a barbecue when friends come into town for the wedding if we owned a house, and it'd be better to move well before the wedding to avoid the stress, and so what could make more sense then buying now?  Honestly, we bought a house in order to have guests over during the wedding.   How's that for dedication?

Anyway, we had some trouble at first, not quite seeing what we wanted, but on day two (quite the arduous search, no?) we found our place.  It was only the 9th house we saw, and had only been on the market for 36 hours, but it was <almost> perfect.  It was big, with just enough expansion potential to keep Joel happy (but no basement - he's just not in Michigan anymore...), newish, at a decent price (i.e. outrageous), located close to work/friends/family, and a quality interior (though desperately in need of some paint).  And here's the cool thing (from joel's perspective, anyway); the house is located on the back of a cul-de-sac.  Yes, it's suburban and in a subdivision, but on the other hand, it has very little wasted front yard, and an expanding large backyard, fully fenced, backing to a greenbelt, and very private.  It's pretty close to exactly what we want.  Now we just need to add a basement under it so Joel can have his rec room. 


Some pertinent info: 
2723 104th Place SE (we're not sure if it's Place or Lane)
Everett, WA  98208
5 bedrooms (don't ask, it wasn't intentional)
2.5 Bathrooms (including 5-piece master bath)
2200 sq ft interior
7,500 sq ft lot (I know, kind of small, but look at the overhead shot - it's EFFICIENT)
Natural gas furnace
And the most wretched interior paint scheme you've ever seen (post 1992, anyway - man I hate mauve).  You can't see the evilness from these pictures, but one bedroom is lime green, and another is teal with a coffee-with-cream accent wall, and a third is forest green with a navy-blue ceiling.  It HURTS.
All of the stuff in the pictures below is theirs - you can tell because our television will be MUCH bigger.



Here are some pictures of our home, before we made it our own.

(there're more than five - just hit the arrows to the left and right of the thumbnails)

Downstairs bathroom

Family room, off of the kitchen

Nice gas fireplace, and it has some large windows looking out over the back yard.

Living room, and a peak into the dining room.

A 5-piece master bath (we didn't think you needed to see the toilet)

Master Bedroom - Too much light, but oh well.

Front entrance, from the street.

Bland colors, but we didn't choose them. Give us a few years and it'll look better.

Overhead shot, courtesy of GoogleEarth(tm)

The yard is pretty perfect - hidden by the greenbelt, and shapped so that the front yard it minimal, and the back yard is large and private. And shaddy. So not quite perfect. Soggy and mossy. Oh well.

Living room from the stairs.

Kitchen, East wall.

Note the hideous, godawful teal next to the (it's darker in real life) brown. HIDEOUS.

Rest of the kitchen

More of that muddy brown color, poorly applied.

Dinnete, and back yard

Family room and the gorgeous curtains. <cough>

Family room in all of it's dark brown splendor.

Seriously, this is the color of milk chocolate. It looks much, much lighter in the pictures due to the flash, but in reality you couldn't even make out the corners due to the darkness of it all.

Bedroom, main floor.

One wall plumb, three other walls beaten to hell.

Bedroom, "the teal room."

The other wall is brown. Quite fetching, really, in a completely inaccurate kind of way.

"Lime Green" bedroom

Starting to see why we spent so much time painting?

The "Blue-Green" room.

Royal blue ceiling, almost forest green walls. The light fixture looks nautical. I was tempted to install a ship's steering wheel and call it the helm.

The Fireplace.


And here's what we've done to the place. 

Most of the colors are sort of bland, but the over-enthusiasm of the previous owners kind of freaked us out.  Besides, we figured most of the bedrooms would be repainted sooner or later anyway, and we (read: JOEL) weren't willing to repaint the 2-story entry way to change the basic brown. 


Downstairs bedroom

Where once there was plum and beat-to-hell white, now we have "Bubble Tea". Slightly redish. It looks pinker in these pictures than it actually is. NONETHELESS, it was clearly Katie's selection.

Family Room

The walls were a dark, dirt brown. Now they're the lighter sand-colored brown, and one wall is a color-washed dark red.

Family Room red wall

And here's more of the red wall. It's hard to see the texture, but you get the idea.


The floors were redone, and the two visible walls were dark brown. Now the back wall is "butter".

Kitchen, redux

Here's the back wall of the kitchen - it was TEAL before. I shudder at the very thought.

Living Room.

It hasn't changed, except that it now has our "furniture". We couldn't afford a new set of couches to fill this room, so we picked up a cheap pool table/air hockey table (it rotates). Sometimes you just have to make do.


This was the lime green room - now it, too, is butter.

Guest bedroom

Also Bubble Tea.

Small Guest Bedroom

This was the royal blue / forest green room. We couldn't abandon it altogether, so we have the royal blue bed cover, and "apple" green walls (granny smith color, sort of).

Master bedroom

Not changed - we thought about painting it, but quit quickly. Boring, yes, but you're only supposed to SLEEP in the bedroom, anyway. Some day we'll make it interesting.

Dining room.

We didn't even try this one. Some day, but it's relatively easy to paint, so we can do it whenever. LATER.